All games will take place @ Round Rock Sports Center

4+ Games Guarantee

30 Second Shot Clock, Game film Available 

Deadline to Register: OCT 31, 2020


Format & Info

Tournament Format:

4+ Games Guaranteed.

30 Second Shot Clock All Games

Each team will compete in pool play Saturday & advance to bracket play Saturday night-Sunday.

Maximum of 6 total games.

Game Film & Video

All high school teams guaranteed at least 1 game on showcase courts with video.

Bracket games (quarters, semis, & finals) also on showcase courts.

Teams are welcome to bring media & will be credentialed to record games as well.

For the safety of all players, coaches, spectators, and AAS staff the following procedures will be enforced at all AAS tournaments.

For Participants:

Everyone must wear masks when entering any tournament facility!

Exception: Players and coaches during games. 

Each player must have their temperature check upon arriving at the facility before they can play their first game.   

Temperature checks will be admitted 15 mins before the game.

Teams Social distance amongst themselves. For Example, players & coaches from the same team can be together, but may not be standing with or near another team. 

Teams must exit the facility as soon as their game is finished

 For Spectators:

All Spectators will be required to wear masks inside any tournament facility. No mask No-ENTRY!

When entering the facility all will have their temperature checked by tournament staff.

Spectators will be admitted when the court has been cleared from the previous game.

We will have hand sanitizers available at all entrances, Common areas, and scores tables. 



ENTRY: $250 per team

Multi-team discounts list below, for discount codes, contact AAS.


2-3 teams – $25 Off ($225)

3-4 teams-$45 Off ($205)

 Max Discount ($200)


Teams must bring proof of age AND a proof of grade to the tournament.

Age: Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Passport.
Grade: Report Card, School ID/w Grade.
We will accept a physical or digital copy.

Proof of grade AND age must be available for AAS representatives at all times. You will need them to check-in and for spot checks during the tournament. Failure to have information available when requested may result in player ineligibility, game forfeiture, or team disqualification.  Additionally, any team that will play in a championship game will need their credentials present. They will be checked before the game. 

Home - Round Rock Sports Center

Address :



All spectators will be required to wear a mask when entering any facility.

Weekend Pass

  • Adults – $20
  • Kids (17 & Under) – $12
  • Seniors (65+) – $15
  • Military – $15

Day Pass

  • Adults – $12
  • Kids (15 & Under) – $6
  • Seniors (65+) – $10
  • Military – $10

*Age 6 & under FREE

* Passes are valid at all tournament locations

*Each team receives 2 complimentary coach passes

Tournament Rules

All UIL rules as outlined by the governing body for high School Basketball, the Texas UIL will be followed, with the following exceptions and amendments will be followed for tournament games

Boys and Girls Divisions

1.1 Boys 4th – Varsity and Girls 6th – Varsity will use a 14 min. stop Clock

1.2 Boys 2nd and 3rd grade along with girls 4th and 5th-grade divisions will use 18min. running clock. The clock will stop the last 2 mins. of each half.

1.3 A stopped clock is used for the entire first half regardless of the score.

1.4 At the start or anytime in the second half, if the lead is ever 20 points or more; a running clock will be in effect.

1.5 Once lead gets BELOW 15, stop clock format will continue.

1.6 All Girls division and Boys 6th and below will use 28.5 ball.

1.7 Game time is forfeit time. Site Director has the final say!

1.8 No changes to the official roster after the first game.

1.9 2 timeouts per half.

1.10 2 min half time

1.11 Overtime will be two minutes’ stop time, with one additional timeout awarded. Timeouts do not carry over from regulation. The third overtime period will be sudden death.

1.12Double bonus on 10 team foul. There is NO 1&1.

1.13 Parent/ Coach will be asked to keep scorebook/run clock during AAS tournaments

2). Divisions

All American Sports utilizes a grade based format as follow, teams advance at the start of each school year!
2nd Grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade,7th grade,8th grade, 9th grade, JV, (10th grade), Varsity 11th & 12th grade

3). Eligibility

3.1 Divisions are determined by the player grade for the current school year. (2019-2020)

3.2 AGE MAXIMUMS- Even if a player is grade eligible, no player can play in a division where the player is 2 years older than the appropriate age for that DIVISON!

For this purpose only 3rd/9, 4th/10, 5th/11, 6th/12, 7th/13, 8th/14, 9th-10th/15-16, 11th-12th/17-18 with an age determining the date of Sept. 1st, each year.

Example – A player that is in the 7th grade but will be 14 on or before August 31st,  is not eligible to participate in the 6th-grade division.

Age Exceptions – Players may play down a grade ONLY if they meet the rare age guidelines below AND submit documentation.

Age as of

August 31, of Current school year (2020)

Eligible to

Play Grade

9 3rd
10 4th
11 5th
12 6th
13 7th
14 8th
15 9th
16 10th

3.4 A player may play on multiple teams that are grade-appropriate, a player may play on only one team per division


Tie-Breakers for Seeding Purpose will be as follows:




In the event of a 3-way tie – point differentials will be used to determine all 3 places.


Team A  +3, -8, +15     Total      + 10

Team B  -5, +9, +1     Total     + 5

Team C +15, +15, -1    Total     + 29

1st – Team C

2nd – Team A

3rd – Team B


Only the head coach may protest another team’s player. The protest must occur prior to the start of the game or within 30 minutes of its conclusion. The protest fee is $ 75. The protest fee and the challenging team’s credentials must be turned in before any action is taken by the tournament staff. The player being protested must produce proof of age and proof of grade. If the protest is lost or no documentation is produced, the player is ineligible to compete in the tournament. If the player’s age and grade are both validated, the $75 is forfeit and the player shall be eligible.


  • The deadline to submit a roster is a day of Tournament.
  • Teams must have an official roster submitted.
  • Teams must bring proof of age AND proof of grade to the tournament.
  • Age: Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Passport.
  • Grade: Report Card, School ID/w Grade.

We will accept a physical or digital copy.

Proof of grade AND age must be available for AAS/ Spurs representatives in order to check-in. Failure to have information at the event may result in player ineligibility, game forfeiture or team disqualification.  Additionally, any team that will play in a championship game will need their credentials present. They will be checked before the game.


The designated home team should wear white or light-colored jerseys and provide the official game ball. The AWAY team is listed on the left or on the top of a bracket. HOME is on the right or on the bottom of a bracket.

ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY- if any of the following actions take place: Any heckling of officials by parents, players, coaches. Any fighting by any person in attendance, including parents, players, coaches, and refs. Any threatening act that may endanger any person in attendance, including parents, players, refs or coaches. All American Sports reserves the right to take any or all of the following actions: Removal from the tournament. Possible forfeiture of the game. Expulsion from future ALL American Sports events. Law Enforcement involvement.


All decisions of the Tournament Director are final.